Four days and counting…


I’m so excited about this new series. It’s a bit darker than any book I’ve written so far. If you’re into criminal suspense, you’ve got to check it out. Here’s a little snippet to wet your appetite.

The tune was stuck in his head again. He’d given up fighting it and simply hummed along. One verse was stuck in his head:

I’ve no time to plead or pine

I’ve no time to wheedle

Kiss me quick and then I’m gone

Pop! Goes the weasel

In a way, it fit his purpose. He had no intentions of pleading or pining. No real man would waste his time trying to wheedle his way into a woman’s heart. They were foolish creatures that needed a firm hand. Soon he would be ready to make his move.

He took his time weeding through the latest batch of pictures, smiling as he remembered taking them. Carefully, he cut out everything but her image then added it to the collage inside ‘her’ room. She never suspected she was being followed. Not once. She still had no idea her home was wired with both audio and video feed. Law enforcement missed their chance. He could have been their best agent. Pop! Goes the weasel. It didn’t matter. He had a higher calling.

I’ve no time to wheedle. Her room was almost prepared. He knew everything about her. She would never escape him. Lovingly, he caressed the manacle bolted to the wall. Kiss me quick and then I’m gone. They’d never catch him. He’d covered his tracks. To the outside world, she would simply disappear. Then she would plead and pine. Plead for his mercy and pine for his love. Pop! Goes the weasel.

Available at all the major book retailers on Friday.

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