Character’s Perspective by Nathan from Aurelia Evans’ Bloodbound Series

Please welcome Nathan from Aurelia Evans’ Bloodbound series.


Good afternoon. I’m not accustomed to taking interviews from the human part of the world. I’ve been a high priest of the Dominion for a long time. My nights hunting humans are long past, but I was convinced by the Bloodbound serial author, Ms. Evans, to sit down with you today. It’s my hope to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

I wasn’t reluctant, but then again, it’s not my story. The author wasn’t stripping me bare or digging past the surface to the meaty insides. It wasn’t my life’s blood that infused Bloodbound—at least not at first. The story is Julia’s, and I was reluctant on her behalf. The very things that drew me to her are the things that made her vulnerable, fragile, broken. Those vulnerabilities are bound to show through in any story, and they can’t be easy to share.

But I want her story told. I want everyone to know my bleeder, and why I chose her over all others that my companion offered me, though before her I wanted nothing to do with finding a bleeder, yet another companion. Lucas was more than suitable for my purposes during all those decades. Julia, however, captured my imagination. Inspired my passion. Her mystery was my intrigue.

I want her story told.

What first attracted you to your love interest?

 She wasn’t afraid. I have contended with many humans in my time as a vampire, both when I was a new vampire fighting for survival and when I become one of the Dominion elite. Fear is the common denominator of all my prey. She wasn’t afraid.

Fear is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s natural for prey to fear the predator. It makes them protect themselves. Whatever happened to Julia, it took her fear—which meant she had nothing to lose when she encountered a predator. She would have died without protest. It made her easy prey. Bad prey.

But with the scent of blood all over her, on her stained clothes, underneath the bruises on her skin, her lack of fear, her random explosions of controlled ferocity that even she didn’t understand…these things all told me that this was the bleeder I was looking for. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of a woman she would become as she accepted my blood, whether she regained her memory or not. And who can resist a good mystery?

If price was no consequence, what gift would you buy your love interest?

She doesn’t seem to have any interest in the baubles and trappings of excess, but I want to adorn her in pearls and rubies, drape them over her body in my bed or for a more private party than a Bleeder’s Ball. Price is no consequence for me.

I will contend with frost and blood and wait with bated breath to see how she’ll take to the dress for the ball that Lucas selected for her, with my approval.

What event in your life would make a wonderful shorty-story addition to your story?

Bloodbound tells Julia’s tale, but I wish I could share what it was like to turn Lucas, my companion, my lover, the man who made himself my servant for his needs rather than my own. I rescued him from a world that didn’t appreciate what he was, and the seduction was a truly delicious one. There is nothing sweeter than showing someone their worth. That was back when I still relished in the hunt. He was particularly juicy prey, well worth the time and the effort of making him my bleeder.

The things I showed him… the things that we did together… I’m afraid you will just have to imagine. Lucas is even more private than Julia, and I respect that privacy. Perhaps one day he will be less reluctant to share that part of his life.

Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play your love interest?

Casting oneself seems the height of vanity at the altar of Hollywood, but I am a priest and acknowledge my own pride with a certain amount of amusement. If I had to choose, I’d say that Paul Bettany would do a fair representation.

Julia is harder to cast. She’s a beautiful, bruised corpse of a woman. I can’t think of anyone like her. Naomi Watts would do her justice. Stana Katic? Kristen Dunst? Perhaps an unknown would serve her better.

Blurb for Blood Lost (Bloodbound Book 1):

Bloodstains on her clothing and bloodlust between the sheets, she’s never been more lost…and that’s why he chooses her.

As if wandering the streets in bloody clothes after losing her memory isn’t bad enough, Julia’s been kidnapped by vampires, then presented to Nathan, high priest of Dominion.

Nathan’s not interested in a bleeder, perfectly content with fellow priest Lucas as his companion, lover, and willing servant. However, when Lucas offers her to him, Julia’s endearing confusion and lack of fear intrigue him.

With nowhere else to go without her memories, Julia accepts his offer and embarks on a sensual but deadly journey into the world of Dominion and its arrogant, esoteric elite…as well as the darkness of her own desires and the mystery of her past.

Bloodbound Release Schedule:

Blood Lost (Book 1) – February 14 (FREE!)

Bleeder’s Ball (Book 2) – February 28

Blood Pool (Book 3) – March 14

Blood on the Moon (Book 4) – March 28

Bleeding Heart (Book 5) – April 11

Bloodbound, the Complete Serial Novel – May 9


He turned his back on Monica, pacing away from her—no longer interested. He held his hands behind his back as he came closer to Julia and the sleeping girl.

“Well, hello there.” He stopped in front of her, still holding his hands behind him.

To her, he was a dark shadow, an ensemble more closely fitted than Lucas’, a pair of patent leather shoes. She avoided those eyes, set inside such a disarmingly normal yet not normal face. If she didn’t look above his black collar, he was only a man, the tailoring of his priestly blacks demonstrating that every time he moved—the muscle of a thigh here, the press of his chest against his shirt, the form of his arm against the sleeve.

“The Commons men really got their hands on you, didn’t they?” he said, tilting down to meet her eyes again, but she turned her head and didn’t answer.

She heard a slow, deep inhalation. “Or not,” the man murmured. “You were a new addition to the Commons cells, yes?”

“Plucked from the streets just this evening,” Lucas replied.

The man stepped onto the stage, inspecting her as she stood still and silent, but she didn’t cower.

“They do their sweeps in the late evening before midnight, yes?”

“That’s right,” Lucas said.

“These cuts and bruises are older.” Behind her, he lifted her hand and unfurled her fingers, running the icy tips of his over the swelling and the little cuts over her knuckles.

Then he traveled his touch further up her arm.

“Some much older,” he mused. He tucked his hand under her chin and said softly, “Close your eyes if you do not wish to see mine.”

Julia was grateful that he had warned her before lifting her head to look over the bruise over her cheek.

“The worst of these are recent, and yet…” The cold draft of his breath blew over her slightly discolored, swollen neck. Julia sensed how close his mouth was to her skin now. She tensed, but she still did not move.

“Do you know what I am?” he whispered.

She nodded.

“Then why aren’t you afraid?”

Julia opened her eyes to peer up through the slats to the dancing, uninterrupted moonbeams. “Should I be?” she asked.

The moves almost instinct, she spun around in his arms and grabbed his neck, pushing him back and shoving him against the altar. This time the silver cup teetered and toppled, clanging onto the stage.

The man scrabbled to brace himself on the altar.

“I’m curious. Once you got me where you wanted me, what were you planning to do with me?” he asked, as though she didn’t have her aching but steadfast hand pressing against his throat.

Julia furrowed her brow, unmoving. “I don’t know,” she said.

The man tilted his head at her genuine confusion, but he didn’t do anything more than work her fingers off his neck one by one. As he advanced on her, she backed away but accidentally caught a glimpse of those white eyes again. She stopped moving, her limbs suddenly heavy with blue cold.

“I’d be careful with her,” Lucas said somewhat belatedly. “This one here’s a firecracker, but that one will surprise you. She picked the cell lock. I caught her as she was running away—or trying to. We got her for free.”

“Trust you to haggle a prize down to a bargain,” the man said, “exquisitely damaged as she is. I think we have a lot to discuss, you and I.”


Bloodbound serial novel page:




Aurelia T. Evans is an up-and-coming erotica author with a penchant for horror and the supernatural.

She’s the twisted mind behind the werewolf/shifter Sanctuary trilogy, demonic circus series Arcanium (publication starts April 2015), and spiritual gothic/urban fantasy series Meridian (publication TBD). She’s also had short stories featured in various erotic anthologies.

Aurelia presently lives in Dallas, Texas (although she doesn’t ride horses or wear hats). She loves cats and enjoys baking as much as she dislikes cooking. She’s a walker, not a runner, and she writes outside as often as possible.

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