Too Many Hats…

This has been a really long week and it’s only Wednesday. Sometimes I feel like I should own a haberdashery, I wear so many damn hats.


My father is getting up there in years and needs an ear to bend more and more often these days. He has six kids, but I’m the youngest and the most available so he usually turns to me. He’s been telling me bits and pieces of our family history, things that happened before I was alive or too young to remember or filling in blanks I missed along the way. It’s priceless information, but not always offered at a time when I can give him my full attention. I’m usually juggling chainsaws.

My kids, though adults, still turn to us for guidance. I’m grateful they value our input, though lately they’ve wanted a lot of input. Our son is a night owl, he usually decides he wants to talk around midnight. Our daughter on the other hand is an early riser. She’ll start ringing the phone off the hook around six in the morning. I’m usually awake, but I wouldn’t say my brain is functioning and ready for drama.

Work is crazy. I feel like I start the workday behind the eight ball and fall further behind as the day progresses. Out of thirteen people in our department, there have only been about three of us there at any given time. To add to the chaos we received new phones, which no one knows how to work, and a new copier, which no one knows how to program and my computer is on the fritz. It will shut off for absolutely no reason and give me the ‘starting windows’ message until I’m ready to toss it out the window.

Against the Odds was due to the publisher almost a month ago. It’s still not finished. Bondage Unlimited is available for pre-order in two days. April 10th is the early download date for Against the Rules and the paperback release of Desired Discipline Volume Three, a combination of Bondage Included and Bondage Unlimited. I’m beyond excited, but definitely feeling pressure too. I need to be out spreading the word about the upcoming books, but I need to finish the book that’s due also.

All Grown Up came out last week. His To Own is done and needs the final read through completed so I can send it off. And…Bonded with Books is hosting a group read of the first book in that series the beginning of March. I know these are all good problems to have. I’m not complaining really. I’m just getting my excuses lined up for when the publisher taps their watch and asks where’s the book, Tori.

I need the drama fest to take a commercial break and give me time to straighten my hat or let me figure out which one I’m supposed to be wearing. My daughter/friend hat looks a lot alike these days. The parent/friend hat does too. Since I’m writing on my lunch break, my employee and writer hats have to share my head, but they both keep trying to fall off.

All I can say is…come on Friday!

5 thoughts on “Too Many Hats…

    1. I think so. The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ is rambling around in my brain. 🙂 I know everyone is crazy busy, I just felt the need to vent last night. I saw book two of The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl is out. Congratulations!

      1. Aw, thanks! It’s been out for a few months, but I’m learning how to advertise it better. My newest book, Madame Gretchen, is officially out tomorrow. 😀

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