Respect…what the world is missing.

respectDay after day, I used to sit in the lunchroom and listen to women berate their husbands in the name of humor. I gotta tell ya, it was, at times, impossible to sit there and smile politely. Most days, I’d zone out. I’m pretty good at it. I think authors live in their heads more than the real world and even back then I had honed the craft. As my coworkers would explain what their ‘idiot’ husbands had done this time, I would imagine what life must be like for those men.

Could you imagine living in an environment where your every move was criticized and always found to be lacking? How did their relationship deteriorate to that point? I can’t fathom marrying a man that I believed was a moron. So, what changed? At what point did this man, who was their chosen lifemate, become a dumb ass unable to complete the simplest of tasks without the advice of their wives?

Small wonder some men cheat. From sunrise to night’s end, their wives disparage every decision they are allowed to make. They live in an environment where acceptance, praise and compliments are reserved for the dog. It’s not hard to imagine how a woman with a ready smile, one that treats these men with respect and admiration, can entice an emotionally compromised man.

I’m not making excuses for these men. Their actions are a betrayal plain and simple. Men that respect their wives would never seek to cause them such heartache. However, respect is a two way street.

One thought on “Respect…what the world is missing.

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Tori. I am asked constantly by co-workers “how on earth have you managed to stay married to the same man for 38 years?” My response is always the same – RESPECT.

    It’s not easy. It’s not always been displayed properly. But is has always been in place. The more I give the more I get.

    Annie ❤

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