Character’s Perspective with Jorja Lovett’s Jonah Hamilton from First Floor: Cosmetics

Welcome to this weeks Character’s Perspective. I’m honored to have Jonah Hamilton with us today.

Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.



What do you hope readers take away from this retelling of your story?

I guess we want people to realize they don’t have to live their lives according to how other people think they should. It doesn’t matter how old, or young, you are, if you’re unhappy in your situation, do something about it.

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be and why?

Ah. I can’t tell you the part of the story where I threw my toys out of the pram because Jorja would kill me for giving away too much. Let’s just say, I reacted very badly to some news and it was the one time the age difference between Maggie and I became apparent.

What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story?

Well, as you know, I’m a bit of a free spirit. I think the journal I kept during my travels might make for an interesting read…

In what setting would you have preferred your story to have taken place?

Let’s be honest, a department store in rainy Belfast wasn’t the most glamorous setting! Given half the chance I’d have preferred to meet Maggie at a beach bar on a sun-drenched island.

What is your favourite chapter of your story?

I’m not going to lie, chapter three stands out <grins> Not only does Maggie agree to go out with me for the first time, but things get hot and steamy pretty quickly. What? I’m a guy, give me a break!

What first attracted you to your love interest?

It’s no secret that Maggie is stunningly beautiful, and there’s something sexy about a sophisticated older woman. But there was also an air of sadness around her and I really wanted to be the person who could make her smile.

At what moment did you know you were in love?

I probably fell for Maggie that same night but I didn’t realize it until she told me it was a mistake. I should’ve been happy when she tried to make it work with her husband, because up until then I didn’t do commitment. But, I couldn’t get her out of my head, and friendship simply didn’t seem enough. You have no idea how hard it was to lie in bed comforting her and not make a move on her. Pun intended!

What is one moment in your love interest’s life – before you met – you wish you could have experienced?

I should’ve been there to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life in marrying that eejit, Peter. Although, I would’ve been, like, ten, so any grand declaration of my love then would’ve seen me laughed out of the church. In the end, fate knows what it’s doing.


The Department Store #2

First Floor: Cosmetics


Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.


From the outside, it looks as though Maggie Fenton has it all. The glamorous head of the cosmetics department lives a life of luxury, but money definitely hasn’t bought her happiness. In reality, she’s married to a serial cheat who has made her life a misery for over a decade. With her husband chasing younger women, and her teenage co-workers’ catty comments ringing in her ears, Maggie’s resigned herself to being on the scrap heap. Until Jonah Hamilton puts temptation in her way and reminds her she’s still a red-blooded woman.


Commitment is a four letter word as far as Jonah is concerned. He has no intention of settling down when he has the whole world at his feet. The only reason he takes a summer job at Kelsey’s is to fund his travels. Well, that, and the sexy older woman he can’t help flirting with over the makeup counter. Maggie soon becomes a good friend and someone who shows him how good love can be.


The chemistry between them is undeniable but is a fling enough to satisfy their desires, or is it simply the start of something bigger?

Available to buy from August 15th



All Romance


Author Bio:

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn’t until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.



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