Tuesday Excerpt

Check out an excerpt from my son’s second book, Monster!

Erik Clarke

Time for another excerpt from Monster. This one gives a little more insight into the protagonist, Syler:

“Syler Rike, you have been charged with breach of covert. Do you oppose?”

“Hmm… Lemme think…” I drawled, pushing the sleeves of my shirt higher up my forearms without looking up.

“Just answer the fucking charges, Rike.”

I cast a glance up at the table of the four ruling Elemental Council members. Eric Row, the representative for my own element, fire, was staring me down with rapidly waning patience. He was the only one at the table that I felt anything resembling respect for, but even that was minimal. A life of bureaucracy was a waste of any Elemental’s abilities, especially someone as skilled with its mastery as he was purported to be. My feelings toward the other three ranged from ‘couldn’tgiveashitless’ to ‘pleasejustchokeanddie, bitch’, but unfortunately my opinion on just about anything…

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