What’s new?

Wow, so much has been happening I don’t even know where to being.

My son’s second book, Monster, is available for early download beginning tomorrow! He is really hoping this one can take it one notch further than Night and hit Amazon’s top ten. Cresting at eleven was such a ‘so close’ moment.

Erik is all moved in to his new place. We visited him a few nights ago and only a couple of boxes remain. Considering the adventure in moving we all had, I’m impressed. But he always has great style. He showed off some phenomenal dance moves while he was carrying his desk out to the truck and a bull snake slithered out of a flower pot inches away from his knee. His sense of humor and drive have served him well.

It’s taking a bit of adjustment to get used to a quiet home. I realized just how large this ole house is now that it isn’t filled with college kids. I must say, I miss his friends too, but I am getting more sleep. 🙂 Their midnight baking binges were noisy affairs.

My husband and I have a lot more time as a couple. It’s been twenty-four years since we lived alone together. It’s nice to be able to have ‘deep personal’ conversations whenever the need or desire arises instead of having to schedule it. I won’t lie, the privacy is nice too 😉

With all the ‘new beginnings’ going on around here, I guess it’s fitting that the first book of my new series, Master’s Touch, will be out soon. In fact, it is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here to learn more. The One and Only is being published by Ellora’s Cave. To date, there are three books planned in the series. They are a little longer. All Grown Up, the second book, is waiting for the editing process to begin. The third book is finished and I will send it to them soon.

Speaking of done…Bondage Included, the fifth book in the Desired Discipline series, is almost there. I’m on the last chapter. I hope to finish it this week, go over it with my husband next week and off it will go. 

So, all in all, life is busy and ever changing, but life is good.


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