What a way to start the week!

I woke up this morning a little blurry eyed. It was a whirlwind weekend where I accomplished very little work, but enjoyed time with my family. This morning I need to hit the book hard and get Brett and Alexa to their happily ever after. While I was making breakfast for my husband and packing a few healthy snacks for him to munch on throughout the day, I was surfing the web. What do I find? Both Bondage Wedding and Erik’s book, Night, have hit the bestseller list!

Night is at number three on the M/M list and Bondage Wedding has debuted at eighteen. I was checking the list because I suspected my son had made it. We knew from the Amazon sales ranks, he was kicking butt. However, I was floored to see Bondage Wedding on the M/F list. It hasn’t even hit the major markets yet. It goes out to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the likes on the twenty-first.

I’m so excited. If you were following my blog when I wrote James and Amanda’s story, you know I loved them both. They were a persistent pair, constantly invading my thoughts. I didn’t have a single moments peace, but I like that. I remember going to Williams, Arizona on a day trip with the family. The whole way there, I had my laptop out and was writing. At lunch, I had my notebook in hand jotting down more ideas. While the kids were in the woods tossing a football around, I was laying under the shade of a tree working. The kids still tease me about it.

To those of you who have already bought the book, I thank you. You’ve certainly made my dreams come true!

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