Crazy Day

Well, you may have noticed, no pictures have been blogged. The weather, which we thought we could outsmart, outsmarted us. The forecast called for rain on Friday, so my husband got off early on Thursday. We’d hoped to make a sunset run to the lake to celebrate our anniversary. Unfortunately, by the time he made it home, the clouds and wind were already here. We certainly didn’t waste the time together though. We took our son out to dinner to celebrate the general release of his first book Night.

Friday morning, we went to several junk yards. I know that isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun past time, but it reminds us of the first few years we’d been married and didn’t have two cents to rub together. We saw a lot of cool old cars, found a few items that will help my husband with his current projects and enjoyed being together. And it didn’t rain! Of course we were a hundred miles south of the lake. 🙂

Today, my son organized an anniversary party for us. I’m not a party person, so this should be interesting. Most of the family and our local friends will be in attendance. I hope it goes smoothly. Also, our interview with Beyond Romance went live. What an interesting day that was! The woman interviewing us couldn’t quite wrap her head around the fact we both write erotica. She asked some interesting questions. If you’d like to check it out, just click here.

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