Fun Day Planned

Last night, I received the paperback copies of volume one of the Desired Discipline series. Basically, it’s just the paper copy of Bondage Anniversary and Bondage Celebration combined into one. It’s silly, really, I’m a total ereader fan. I hardly ever buy an actual paper or hard bound book anymore. Yet, holding a copy of my own book, in my hands, somehow made this crazy journey feel real.

As I’ve mentioned, probably way too many times, our anniversary is Friday. We had the whole day planned, but the weather is trying to put a damper on it. Luckily, we found out in a enough time to switch things up a bit. Instead of hitting the lake tomorrow, as is our tradition, we will go out tonight and watch the sun set. We will bring the camera and try to catch the breathtaking views on–well I was going to say film, but I guess that’s a bit out dated–let’s try…the memory card. It doesn’t flow quite as well, but I suppose it’s accurate.

A few of you have been asking, so I wanted to update you…I’ve got good news. My wonderful husband canceled his trip to Boston. It will be rescheduled once I’m able to accompany him. Hopefully, when it’s a bit warmer. I doubt it can be postponed until September or October, but I would love to visit during the early fall.

His to Own is due to my editor tomorrow and unfortunately, it’s going to be late. Life has been getting in the way too often. The story is coming together quite well though and it should be finished shortly. Some of my readers are encouraging me to hurry it up and start on Bondage Unlimited, Andre’s story. Apparently, he’s a bit anxious too. He visited me in the shower this morning and told me a bit of his predicament. Funny, how such a nice guy managed to mess up his life so completely. He is resourceful and has a host of friends, I have no doubt he will find his happily ever after.

I’m off to pack for our sunset lake trip and then I promise, I’ll start writing 🙂


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