Looking Back

This was a very eventful weekend for us. My son signed the papers on his first place. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and it even has a fireplace. In short, it’s gorgeous. As I toured his soon to be home, I thought back to our first place. There is almost no comparison. Our’s was a tiny two bedroom with cement or tile floors. The outer walls were painted brick and it had a swamp cooler.

The only thing the two homes share in common is the excitement level of the people living in them. My husband and I were so thrilled to be living on our own. We weren’t stupid, we knew it was a crappy, little place, but we loved it. So many good times were shared in that little place. I can only hope my son experiences the same. He won’t have to worry about the ceiling in the bathroom falling down on his head or the corrugated steel patio cutting through the power lines during a monsoon storm, so his memories may be a little less colorful than ours. Still, I’m sure he will have many stories to bring a smile to his face as he, one day, looks back on this.

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