Great weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend. The weather was beautiful, sunny and 80ish. It was so nice, I spent most of it outside and therefore didn’t write much. I plan to make up for that today.

Last Friday was an eventful day book wise. Bondage Celebration was released to Amazon and all the major markets in e-form. Volume one of Desired Discipline, which is a paperback version containing both Bondage Anniversary and Bondage Celebration, became available for order through Totally Bound, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A few people have asked if I will signed their copies. You have no idea how foreign that concept is for me. Of course, I’ll do it, but it’s something I never considered when this adventure began. I’m a little freaked out by it. I know that sounds wimpy, but it’s the truth.

Speaking of freaked out…Alexa almost had a panic attack when Brett started explaining his theory of soulmates. After her disastrous marriage, the last thing she wants is a long term committed relationship. As they explore D/s together, Alexa has found she is falling hard for the handsome, persuasive Dom. Although he has encountered a few of her triggers, he’s still trying to unravel what exactly happened to make her so skittish. He is hopeful that given enough time and, though it’s killing him, space that she will work her way to him.

Time to get busy. These two have been waiting long enough to have their story told. Have a wonderful week!

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