Good Writing Day

Today was my most productive day all week. I spoke to my editor from Ellora’s Cave today. I guess I didn’t realize how nervous I was about All Grown Up until I had a dream about it last night. This morning I decided to speak to her. I turned it in the first part of January and hadn’t heard back. Naturally, I thought the worst. It was nice to hear my assumptions were wrong and that she loved it. The process is just moving slower than normal for various reasons. I should have contacted her sooner rather than sit and stew about it. She is a wonderful lady, very bubbly and enthusiastic. I’m grateful she’s my editor. Her positive attitude and kind words were just what I needed today.

I have to decide this weekend if I will accompany my husband on a trip he has to make next month. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it actually isn’t. If I decide to go, I’ll get to spend a good chunk of the month with my husband. But it isn’t a vacation or even a working vacation. He’ll be with his team, up before the sun and getting back to the room long after dark. During our last trip, I learned that staring at four white walls for twelve to fourteen hours a day waiting for him to get back to the hotel made for long, lonely days. My creativity tanked. My characters took on a darkness that hadn’t been there before. Yes, we will have the evenings alone together and that is precious time that should never be wasted. On the other hand, we will be leaving our home and animals in the care of college kids. In November, when we were gone to NY for a month one of the kiddos about melted down from the added responsibility. This semester their schedule is far worse. So, it boils down to, do I go to Boston and worry about my kiddos and everything on the home front or do I stay home and miss my husband and worry about him. Rotten options.

Instead of deciding tonight, I’m going to sink into Brett and Alexa’s story. I feel a steamy love scene on the horizon and that is much more uplifting than worrying about what next month will bring.

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