WOW, How Life Has Changed!

I went into town today to run some errands with my son and ran into a work buddy that I haven’t seen in over a year. She has no idea about the books and I chose not to bring her up to date on that area of my life. She did bring up and interesting subject and the topic carried over on the long drive back home. It was a simple enough question, “What new and exciting pieces have you made lately?” After a moment or two, I figured out she was talking about my stained glass pieces. For a time, they were terribly important to me.

Our jobs are/were extremely stressful. When my husband would be away on a business trip, my projects were my only source of stress relief. Go figure, I find it next to impossible to write erotica when my husband is away. It’s like that part of me shuts down.

I told her about a few small pieces I had completed before April of 2013 when Totally Bound requested a six book series and my life changed basically overnight. On the way home, my son asked if I had plans to do another piece anytime soon. All I could say was yeah, eventually. I have two deadlines fast approaching. His To Own is due to Ellora’s Cave the end of February and Bondage Included is due mid March. Then the final book I have contracted, Bondage Unlimited,  is due in June.

Once those are done, I WILL be taking a break.I have the piece already picked out and I’m excited to get to work on it. We are remodeling out bathroom and it will be the centerpiece over the new tub. It will also be my largest piece today at almost four foot square.

It’s funny how time has a way of changing priorities. Last year at this time, the rough draft of Bondage Anniversary was done, but not proofed. I was working at a job I absolutely despised and at odds with my husband over it. He was very unhappy that I retired from one career and immediately stepped into another. He wanted me to stay home and enjoy life. While it sounds heavenly in theory, waking up each morning with no plans didn’t really appeal to me. I need structure and routine. Having a bit of the nasty green stuff coming in occasionally isn’t a bad thing either.

Today, I’m technically retired, though I put in more hours a day than I ever have, but I love what I do. That right there makes a big difference. Sure, some days I long to have an adult conversation. My dogs can only entertain me so much. On those occasions, my Tumblr buddies usually put a smile on my face with some inconsequential chatting. Usually, I’m so deep in my head, with the characters from whatever book I’m writing, that I barely notice the passage of time. Those days are best.

I gotta say, I’m glad time marches on and nothing ever stays the same. It’s scary sometimes, but change is good.

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