Movin’ On Up!!!

It’s cheesy I know, but I can’t even type that phrase without thinking of the theme song to the Jefferson’s. Anyway, Bondage Anniversary is at 29 on the All Romance ebooks bestseller list. I can’t stop smiling.

Today is the last day for the 99 cent promo and tomorrow it will return to the normal cost. If you’ve been thinking of getting it, you might want to do so now to avoid the higher price tag. Like so much of this process, I have no control over the pricing.  My son tells me the sales are going to drop like a rock when the price goes up.*shakes head and smiles* That’s his way of keeping me grounded. Silly man, I have enough fears and insecurities to do that all on my own.

What I also hear in his voice of reason is that he is concerned about the success of his own book. He is worried that his roller coaster ride will end in failure. Since I”m his mom any reassurances are blown off. I know only time will tell…for both of us really…but I am grateful we are together in this.

On a side note, we have a dismal number of followers on Facebook. If you are so inclined we’d love to have more friends. A click on the ‘like’ button would mean so much. Eric Clarke and Tori Carson Thanks!

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