Highs and Lows

Boy, yesterday was an emotional day. If you’ve been following along you know my son received the cover art for his second book, Monster and I was notified that I made the bestseller list for ARe. We went out to dinner to celebrate and I ran into a friend of mine. This lady and I have been through some pretty rough times together. We worked side by side for close to ten years. Throughout those times we’ve laughed, cried, and celebrated together. When I shared my news with her, the comment I received in response was–Just proves smut sells. Ouch.

I know she isn’t in the lifestyle and she is a strong proponent for women’s rights. In her eyes, the two are opposite. I can respect her view, though obviously, I don’t share it. Silly me, I didn’t expect that response to my news. I’m sorry to say I allowed it to color my ‘celebration dinner’.

Once we got home, I was playing a board game with my son and his friends when my brother called. This is the same brother that thought telling my family about my books would be a good idea. He thinks I should be writing something less naughty and never misses a chance to argue his position. I was steeling myself for another such call and I went to my room to speak to him in private. To my very pleasant surprise, he told me how proud he was of me and that he was envious. I returned to my family with tears in my eyes again, but this time for a much better reason.

I wish I could get to a place where other people’s opinion, whether it be positive or negative, wouldn’t have such an affect, but knowing me it will be a lifelong journey. Right now, I’m chalking it up to live and learn.

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