New Perspective

Apparently, my editor worked through the night, since she returned the manuscript to me this morning with additional comments. Normally, I would be a nervous wreck. This morning, however, I have a different perspective. Basically, I’ll get to it.

My daughter came home to visit for the weekend. She has a conference to attend and wanted to touch base before she hopped on the plane. Thankfully, this trip was within the US and to a destination she enjoys visiting. The last couple have been aboard and not on her ‘must visit’ list. So the visit was going well until she went ice skating. While trying to avoid a bunch of kids, she fell and landed on the back of her head. It looks like she got lucky and she only suffered a nasty bruise and a minor concussion. She still made the plane this morning and should land shortly.

While I was waiting for her ‘I’m on the ground’ and all is well text, my father calls. My sister had a stroke and he asked me to notify the family. Again, it looks like we got lucky. We’ll know more as time progresses, but the prognosis is good.

In the face of truly serious matters, whether or not to use the word learn in place of discover and other such trivial matters within the editing process, just doesn’t hold a candle. The creative process is important, careers are necessary to keep the roof over our heads and our bellies fed, but in the end–only family and friends truly matter.

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