Break Time!

With the help of my wonderful husband, I completed the first round of content edits on Bondage Seduction and sent off to my editor. This one was particularly troublesome and I never would have gotten through it without his help.

It’s definitely time to take a break, but only a short one. I’m knee deep in His To Own. While going to the store today, I had to take my laptop and write along the way. The characters want their story written and refuse to let up. I’m not complaining though. Slipping into a world of BDSM, is much preferred to the drone of daily life. But tonight, I need some down time.

A Tumblr buddy, Kayla Lord, has a new book out, The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl. My husband downloaded it onto his Kindle and I’m going to borrow it for a bit and slip off to have a nice long soak in the tub, while I check out a new author. If you enjoy a DD/lg story, maybe you’d like to join me…

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