Finally Live!

Bondage Anniversary is finally live on Amazon. It sure seems like this dream was a long time in the making, but all good things take time. So far, the reviews have been great and I’m very appreciative to all who took the time to write and leave one. It really does make a difference.

This week, the publisher is discounting the book to .99 from $4.50, in hopes of encouraging people to pick up the new series. If you are thinking of reading it, you might want to get it now while the price is reduced. Next Friday, it will return to full price.

I’m currently working on the edits for the fourth book in this series, Bondage Seduction. I’m hoping to return it to my editor by Monday. This is only the first stage of the editing process. After the content edits are completed, then it goes to the line editors…three of them. I’m very grateful for their help. As I’m writing, I seem to make the silliest grammar errors and sometimes I miss them completely during the read through. It’s sad how my brain reads what I wanted it to say, instead of what I actually wrote. 🙂

His To Own is coming along nicely. Brett and Alexa are both receptive to sharing their story with me. Since Ted, from Bondage Seduction, was so closed mouth, I’m glad Brett is more willing to speak up. I just wish he’d do it a little less in the middle in the night. Sometimes, I’ll wake up in the wee hours of the morning in mid scene and have to scramble for my laptop. My poor husband hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages.


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