Green Eyed Monster

I’m no stranger to jealous feelings. Sometimes, I’m consumed by them. My Love knows this and does everything he can to avoid situations he knows will trigger it. Today, with no fault of his own, I received a double dose.

We both have blogs on another site. For the most part, the positive aspects of the blogs have outweighed the negative. What I don’t like, and struggle with, is when women approach him. It would be one thing, if his site gave little or no information about whether he was in a relationship. However, that is not the case. In bold letters, it states he’s married. Yes, I know for many in the lifestyle that isn’t a limiting factor. I understand that.

I guess the worst aspect of jealousy, for me, is that it isn’t rational. I can sit back and look at the situation for all the sides and understand it, but it does little to remove the negative feelings. I can’t even shift it to anger, which in my experience is an easier emotion to deal with, because technically, no one did anything wrong.

I wish I was writing a story where one of the characters was the jealous type, because I have it in spade to draw from right now. Unfortunately, that isn’t the conflict between Brett and Alexa. They have enough issues between them to add something as destructive as this.

Maybe it’s time to shift gears and focus on the content edits for Bondage Seduction. That will get my blood pumping for a more positive reason. My editor and I are butting heads a bit. According to my husband, I’m being stubborn…nah, not me. I’m Ms. Congenial *as I duck to avoid any errant lightning strikes.

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