Great Writing Day

Today was a great writing day. I wrote a very pivotal scene and it came together better than I’d expected. There are a couple more hot sex scenes and then the climactic ending.

The characters are finding their way nicely. For the most part they are behaving themselves and not messing with me too much. Brianna is growing in confidence and it’s such a beautiful sight.

Hopefully, tomorrow will go as well. I know if I could stay off Tumblr and Facebook, I’d get more done… I may have to force myself not to open the apps. I really need to get this one finished. I have edits coming any day for Bondage Seduction and The One and Only. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Great Writing Day

    1. Yes, it is. I’ve been leaving the page running in the background and just flipping back and forth. Until I get All Grown Up finished that will have to stop. Time just seems to disappear while Tumbling.

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