Wonderful Week

This has been a wonderful week and I’m sad to see it end. We’ve had such fun together. Each day he had something different planned.

One day, we went out on the boat. For the most part, we had the lake to ourselves. Skimming across the calm water, at speeds way beyond my comfort level, was well worth it when he turned to me with his Cheshire cat grin spread across his face. Earlier this spring, he traded in what he called our ‘mini-van’ boat in for a sporty model. I was fond of the ‘all-purpose’ model. It had an eating area, couch, and bed. His new speed boat lacked the amenities I’ve grown accustomed too. I feared our lake time would be less enjoyable.

I should have had more faith in my husband. Unbeknownst to me, he packed a picnic lunch complete with flowers and a blanket. We cuddled together on the foredeck, feeding each other the delicious snack he’d brought for us. Laying nestled in his arms, while the waves gently rocked us, was terribly romantic. When I think of all the meals we shared sitting across from each other, separated by the table, I feel a little foolish for ever thinking that was preferable. My tush and shoulders missed the soft cushioning of the bed, but there is something to be said about a delicious soreness the next day. All in all, it was a spectacular day.

Another day, we took a stroll down memory lane. You have to understand, we’ve been together since we were 15. We met in high school biology class, dated until we were both 18, then married. For the first few years of our marriage, we didn’t have a dime to rub together. We would spend Saturdays hitting the thrift stores, looking for the necessities of life. Our cars were held together with junkyard parts. Good times, fond memories and great stories were created during those years.

So my love decided we would spend a day remembering those early years. The morning was spent going through several junkyards. We have many hobbies, one of which is restoring cars. We walked hand in hand through the rows of junkers searching for parts we could use on his latest acquisition. The prices sure have changed. Wow, there must certainly be something to the ‘supply and demand’ economics. Good thing, our income has risen as well. What I enjoyed most was playing the ‘do you remember?’ game. I’m sure our fellow junk yarders thought we were nuts, as we laughed our heads off telling old stories. The best part is, we made a few new ones along the way.

After we cleaned up, we went to a few antique shops. I must say it’s a little disconcerting seeing your favorite toys on the shelves of an antique store. I refuse to calculate exactly how many years ago said toys resided in my french provincial, princess bedroom. More than I care to think about to be sure. The ‘I had one of those’ game, played for several hours, while we found a few treasures we decided we couldn’t live without.

To end the day, my love took me to the perfect restaurant. ‘Our’ place, where we had our first official ‘dinner date’, as two scared kids, closed a long time ago. It was a quaint little place with great food and ‘interesting’ atmosphere. We’ve missed it. Every time we visit an Italian restaurant we compare it to Dinos. Usually, they’re found wanting.

As soon as we walked in, I turned to my love with tears in my eyes. It had the exact same feel as our beloved Dinos. I have no idea how he found the place. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was perfect…we will definitely be back.

We so needed this time together. The dark rings under his eyes have vanished and he has found his smile again. He has vowed to work less in 2014. I know what is on his plate and I don’t see how he can accomplish that, but I appreciate his willingness to try. There are at least two, month long, trips to snowy, dreary places planned for the first quarter of next year. But it doesn’t matter what life throws at us. We are tight and we are strong. Nothing can change that.

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