Today is a big day. I could hardly sleep last night. At 10 PM our time, my first book, Bondage Anniversary, went live on the publisher’s website. The ball is in motion and I’m excited to see where it lands.

My son, Erik Clarke, also heard from his editor and they’re going to contract his second book in the Spell Bound series. He was terribly nervous about it and has been a grumpy, anxious mess for the last few days. Silly me, I assumed it was finals. He is mentally done with school. I can’t say I blame him. He’s taking 18 credit hours, dual majoring and trying to graduate early. Only one more week ’till winter break. This semester has been kicking his butt. It didn’t help that he works full time and has to keep his grades up to maintain his scholarship. I’m beyond proud of him, but I worry too. Everyone needs time to breathe.

Surprising the heck out of me, it appears school was not the major stress in his life. He had been worried about how his second book would be received. His editor RAVED about the first and he feared the second would be a let down. The smile on his face when he saw the email and she described his book as AMAZING, brought a tear to my eye. Apparently, I need to take a step back from my worries and actually listen to my kid. I should have realized (having been there myself) what had him strung so tight.

Moving forward, I’m going to try and listen better not only to what he says, but to what he doesn’t say. My son talks in circles and what he shares readily isn’t what is bothering him. I need to keep that in mind in the future. So, another lesson learned. Now it’s time to celebrate.


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