Author’s Copy

I received the author’s copy of my first book, Bondage Anniversary. I’m definitely excited and trying to keep the focus on the positive. This has been a crazy adventure. I have certainly learned a lot about the publishing industry and about my loved ones. My inner circle of friends and family has been shuffled to say the least.

Some friends who I wouldn’t have expected to stand by me, have stepped up and become some of my loudest cheerleaders. Surprisingly, it’s brought me closer to my in-laws. I would have bet the moon and stars that never would happen and yet it has. For that alone, I’m grateful.

My extended family (sigh)…well suffice to say they love me, even though they are disappointed. Their hearts are in the right place and I’m going to keep my focus there.

My family is tight. We specialize in unconditional love in our home. The kids (now adults) were raised to know that no matter what–they were loved by us and they give it back to us in return.

We have many more bumps in the road ahead. As the books come out, I expect some uncomfortable moments will surface. Once my son’s book is released, a whole new set of hurdles will be thrown out there. Some, find his genre even less appropriate than mine. One thing is for sure, we will be there for each other.


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