Hotel Room

Don’t expect much from my blog for a few weeks 😦 I’ll be living out a hotel room for the next three weeks. My love has business to attend to in NY and doesn’t want us to be separated. So, I’m leaving my sunny and 72 degree weather for snow showers and 35 degrees, but I know he will keep me warm.

I finished the edits for Bondage Wedding and as soon as he has time to look them over it will be shipped off to the publisher for the last time. The rough draft of Bondage Seduction is also done and we hope to get it ready to send off for approval the first week of November.

While I’m sitting in the hotel room alone and bored…yes, occasionally I can foresee my future 🙂 I hope to complete All Grown Up and if I”m really lucky, start on Andre’s book. It should be a fun one and I look forward to learning more about him as he tells me his story.

The day I fly home, November 22, Bondage Anniversary is available for pre-order. I hope you check it out and if you’re feeling kind, tell a friend or two.

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