Last night, my husband and I went to a concert. We had the great privilege to meet the artist and speak with him for a bit. Being a writer, I long ago came to grips with the fact that I prefer to live in my head. I am not an outgoing people person. If my husband hadn’t been there with me, I would never have consented to meet the singer.

The artist is a total heart throb and in many ways a man-whore. He knows he’s sexy and he uses it to sell his albums. I don’t blame him. It works and he would probably agree with the description. In all honesty, he seemed like a very nice man.

The part of the evening that I found most notable was in watching the women attending the event. Most were accompanied by their husbands and yet as soon as the man entered the room, their TOTAL attention was on the artist. It was as if their significant other didn’t exist. In my opinion, their behavior showed a complete lack of respect toward their mate.

In the D/s stories I write, that type of conduct would never be condoned. In my own relationship, I couldn’t fathom ignoring my husband. Respect isn’t something that is only shown when it is convenient. He is the most important person in my life. It’s his smile that warms my heart, his arms I want wrapped around me, and his attention I value more than any other.

The heroes in my books are good men. I would never pair them with a heroine who would toss him aside if a rich and famous man showed them interest.

Seriously ladies, that type of behavior isn’t even worthy of discipline. It’s worthy of a boot, on your butt, through an open doorway.

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