Quiet? What’s that?

So, college is back in session and my youngest is still living at home and going to school. What’s the big deal? It’s only one kid and he’s an adult, right? Wrong!

He’s taking 18 credit hours, working and has his own writing career. You’d figure, what the hell, he’s never home anyway. Wrong again!

Keep in mind, I write erotic romance. More often than not I’m writing a hot love scene. Now, I don’t need Kenny G, and candle light to get this done. I’m pretty focused on my work. The TV can be blaring, the dogs can be barking and I can tune it all out.

What I can’t tune out is a houseful of college kids, with their professor giving a pod cast. They’re making fun of her horrible presentation (and it is truly horrible) while making cookies and other assorted junk foods.

After numerous attempts to stay focused and get into the scene, I give up and shut down my computer. So sorry, but kinky, raunchy sex will have to wait. Nothing blows the mood like the giggles and laughter of house full of college kids.

2 thoughts on “Quiet? What’s that?

  1. Before my wife and I had children, I had this ridiculous idea that when they reached their early 20s we would often have the house to ourselves and only get visits on occasion. HA! It is to laugh! They are ALWAYS here. Or so it seems. Maybe when they reach their early 30s…

    1. I love my kids and I’m glad they’ve always felt comfortable bringing their friends here, but last night was a bit over the top. It felt more like an elementary school sleepover than a house full of college kids. Ahh well, good memories were made and I finished the scene this morning.

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