Is snooping ever justifiable?

I’m writing book three (Bondage Wedding) and the hero, James, completely by accident–runs across the heroine, Amanda’s, blog. After he reads it, he confronts her. The resulting fireworks are a thing of beauty…

James believes he was in the right. He hadn’t intended to snoop and human nature being what it is–when he came across the title Confessions of a Virgin Sex Addict he was obliged to look. He also points out that there is no expectation of privacy for a public blog.

Amanda, has a great deal to hide and is appalled that he found her posts. She feels it is akin to reading her diary.

To those of you who read my blog regularly, I’m sure you won’t be shocked at all that I’m a total snoop when it comes to my husband. I regularly check his email and social media accounts. I do it under the guise of making sure he doesn’t miss anything important. He often goes for a week or two without looking at them. So, I check them…often…

Any thoughts?

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