A friend and I were talking the other day about who can find a play partner easier–a male Dominant or a female submissive…

It was his contention that girls had it significantly easier. During the conversation the Dr. Hook song “Girls Can Get It,” came to mind. Yes, I know I just showed my age–big time. Apparently Dr. Hook agreed with my friend.

Anyway, his argument was ‘what man wouldn’t agree to tie a woman up’ if they asked. My counter-point was no woman in her right mind would allow a stranger to immobilize her. The dynamics that allow a D/s scene to work MUST include trust.

My book series, Desired Discipline. centers around members of a kink club called DiscipliNation. One of the reasons people join such clubs is for the added measure of safety it offers. Even being at a club though, doesn’t negate the need for trust. A submissive must trust the monitors to do their job and call a halt to a scene if the club safeword is used.

At the end of the conversation, he still argued he was right. I, of course, know differently 🙂 If you agree with me, feel free to weigh in with your opinion…

Okay fine…if you think he’s right (though he isn’t) you can post your comments here too.

2 thoughts on “Clubs

  1. I didn’t say you were wrong. I wasn’t talking about clubs but rather one-on-one relationships. However the same level of trust is required in both cases. I would say you were wrong. I know better. 😉

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