I quit my ‘day job’ today. I’ve never done such an irresponsible thing in my life. Damn it feels good. I wonder if the female character in my third book, Amanda, is rubbing off on me. 🙂 She would definitely pull an impulsive and capricious stunt like the one I just did. I must say, it is much better suited to a 22 year old than someone at my stage in life. I hope Amanda’s other personality traits remain unique to her – I have enough bad habits of my own without adding hers to my list…

One thought on “Irresponsible

  1. There’s a scene in the film Top Gun in which Tom Cruise’s character Maverick gets chewed out in front of the other pilots for a making an unconventional and risky maneuver to avoid being ‘shot down’ during a training mission. Maverick, in fact, catches the other pilot so off guard with his ‘crazy stunt’ he manages to score a hit on him instead. After the discussion of Maverick’s “mistake’, one of the other pilots leans in and whispers “gutsiest move I ever saw, man.” If you did what you think is right, don’t worry about what other people think.

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